Raised sustainability targets for Trioworld

Trioworld has raised its sustainability target for use of PCR plastic to 30 percent by 2025! With a new sustainability target of 30 percent PCR (Post-Consumer Recyclates) plastic in our manufacturing, Trioworld contributes to reducing the total amount of plastic that goes to incineration in society. At the same time, lowering our products’ carbon footprint.


"As a manufacturer of plastic products, Trioworld aims to take a leading role in the work towards increased circularity of plastics in our society. Our new sustainability target of 30 percent PCR (Post-Consumer Recyclates) contributes both to reducing the total amount of plastic in society that goes to incineration and to lowering our products’ carbon footprint," says Oskar Karlsson, Chief Procurement Officer and VP Sustainability at Trioworld.

By increasing the share of PCR in the products, Trioworld levels up its overall sustainability ambition. Previously, the target of 30 percent included both PCR (Post-Consumer Recyclates, plastics that have been used for the purpose for which it was manufactured) and PIR (Post-Industrial Recyclates, industrial waste) but the target will now be fully achieved solely with PCR, by 2025.

To certify the products containing PCR, Trioworld has, based on the report from the independent expert IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, chosen the certification scheme RecyClass recycled plastics traceability, which certifies the use of recycled materials and PCR separately in individual products.

"Several of our production units are now working to certify of one or more of their products with RecyClass. We think it’s important to show our customers that we actively live up to our promises," says Oskar Karlsson.

Read more about RecyClass at www.recyclass.eu.