A unique mix of high performance and sustainability: Trio blown coex Loop with 30% PCR.

Another step on Trioworld's road to a sustainable future accomplished! A top-notch high performance stretch film and at the same time sustainable? That is our new Blown Coex stretch film Loop with 30% PCR, the newest addition to our sustainable portfolio. Top-notch, because of its blown technology, providing high puncture resistance and the best load unit stability. And sustainable because of PCR, post-consumer reclycates, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

No compromise on quality
A lot of companies have sustainability high on the agenda, asking us for sustainable packing solutions. At the same time, we never compromise on quality. The result: a unique mix of high performance, consistency and PCR material!

The Blown Coex Loop with 30% PCR is thinner than our first high-performance sustainable stretch film launched in 2021. Plus it has a higher level of stretchability. Product manager Magdalena Bengtsson: “Because of our unique know-how and expertise in each step from waste to new stretch film Trioworld is able to develop and offer premium products made of PCR.”

Exceptional load stability
The Blown Coex is suitable for a wide range of applications, but especially so for heavy loads or challenging shaped pallets. High load stability also has environmental benefits: a stable pallet load is less likely to cause damage, making it the sustainable route.

In short, Trioloop blown coex has the following benefits:

• 30% PCR, RecyClass certified
• lower carbon footprint
• blown technology providing high unit stability
• high puncture resistance
• extreme slip properties, making pallets easy to handle

Lean and Loop portfolio
Trio blown coex Loop 30 is part of Trioworld's two long term strategies: LEAN and LOOP. LEAN, because the thinner film with high stretchability reduces the amount of material needed, and LOOP, because of its high-grade recycled content.

Join us on our journey to develop sustainable packing solutions for pallets: the road to a sustainable future!