Trioworld supports new recycling initiative in Switzerland

Recycling of silage films in Switzerland will be massively expanded from January 2022. For this purpose, an association was founded on July 14, 2021 under the aegis of the umbrella association KUNSTSTOFF.swiss, which will introduce a system that has already been tried and tested in the EU.

Trioworld has supported national collecting systems all over the world for many years now.  

Franz-Josef Lichte, managing director at Trioworld Germany, has been very active as chairman for the German initiative ERDE Recycling since it was founded in 2014. With nor 543 fixed collection points the German collecting system is well established and has just recently fulfilled its voluntary commitment and collected over 50% of all silage and stretch film placed on the German market.

This system has now been adopted to Switzerland. Naturally, to represent Trioworld and show the support, Franz-Josef Lichte joined the foundation meeting of the independent association ERDE Schweiz, under the leadership of Kurt Röschli.

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