Sustainable and responsible packaging solutions

Spendrups Bryggeri in Hällefors is the first to start using TrioleanTM (Reduced material usage), this as part of the large collaboration between Spendrups Bryggeri and Trioworld that began at the beginning of the year.

- With one of Trioworld's sustainability concepts, Triolean, we work to reduce consumption by using thinner film of absolute top quality without compromising on performance. By focusing on durability and increased load securing, we have gone from a standard quality to a thinner high-performance film in Hällefors. In combination with optimizing the stretch film machines, we have reduced plastic consumption by approximately 20%! This in turn generates that we also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 21,000 kg as well as a more efficient packaging process. It is now the turn for the brewery in Grängesberg and I look forward to the work, says Umut Isik, contract manager at Trioworld Stretch Film Division.