Trioworld acquires Reviva Plastics AB

Trioworld moves further towards leadership in circular plastic use - buys Swedish innovative recycling company for agricultural plastics.

On 9 July, Trioworld Group acquired the Swedish recycling company Reviva Plastics AB, a leading player in the recycling of agricultural plastic waste. The sellers were Malmbäcks Invest AB, Entreprenörinvest Sverige AB, Lantbrukarnas Ekonomi AB and El-Fynd Holding i Sverige AB.

"We are very pleased to welcome Reviva staff into Trioworld. Led by a group of forward-looking corporate investors and a dedicated team, Reviva has succeeded in an area of recycling where others have not: the recycling of heavily soiled agricultural plastic for use in new plastic products." says Andreas Malmberg, CEO of Trioworld Group. "Looking at a very exciting future with Reviva in the group, we are confident that we will create great value for our customers in the farming community, where circular plastic use is becoming increasingly important."

"We see Trioworld as a good, long-term owner in the development of sustainable plastic use in agriculture, based on the technology and processes we have developed in recent years.", says Ingemar Andersson, CEO of Malmbäcks Invest AB.

Following the transaction, the Trioworld Group owns 100% of the shares in Reviva Plastics AB.

Reviva Plastics AB

The Swedish company Reviva Plastics recycles plastic from agricultural use in new plastic products. Reviva Plastics has production in Korsberga outside Vetlanda, Sweden, and has been operating since 2019. Reviva delivers high quality recycled products to a number of customers on the Swedish market but also outside Sweden. Web page: www.revivaplastics.se

Trioworld Group

Trioworld was founded in 1965 and since 2018 in the ownership of Altor Fund IV. Altor is one of the leading Nordic Private Equity firms, focused in building world class companies. Driven by continuous development of innovative and sustainable plastic film products Trioworld is one of the leaders in the segment, with a turnover of 650 million EUR and approximately 1.350 employees. The group´s head office is located in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. Production is located in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and France and the products are sold on the global market. Web page: www.trioworld.com

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Malmberg, CEO of Trioworld Group, +46 70 2087291
Ingemar Andersson, Malmbäcks Invest AB+46 72 2199756