Trioloop Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) Film with 80% recycled PE* material

Superior FFS packaging with a 50% lower carbon footprint and no increase in film thickness

Driven by our environmental responsibility, we are proud to have developed the first FFS Flat film made from 80% recycled polyethylene of which 65% is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material and 15% is made from post-industrial recycled (PIR) material. The value of a sustainable solution becomes insignificant if we do not consider all aspects of the film. If the use of recycled materials results in inferior performance or increased thickness, advantages do not outweigh costs. We are proud to offer identical thickness compared to fossil-based film and guarantee a similar level of process stability and functionality.

Trioloop covers sustainable packaging solutions – reducing our carbon footprint using recycled polyethylene and closing the material loop along the way. Together with the customer, we consider all aspects of the packing environment, film specifications, and use case, to make sure we deliver a solution that delivers value beyond environmental aspects.

Form-Fill-Seal is a reliable and durable film solution that is well suited for automatic high-speed packaging installations. Our FFS Flat film is 100% recyclable and offers a superior quality that both ensures strong pallet stability and reduces downtime. Additionally, FFS Flat film is easy to process and well suited for high-quality flexographic, which makes it easier to obtain a high level of brand recognizability and product communication.

At Trioworld, it is our objective to produce the world’s best and most sustainable FFS film, and with our innovative new product Trioworld® Premium Trioloop FFS Flat film, we are closer than ever.

*80% recycled content represents the share of polyethylene in the product. If all raw material in the product is considered, the recycled content represents 70%.