Moelven implements Trioworld Loop packaging with 50% recycled material

The fundamental idea for Moelven has for 120 years been the same: To use natural resources to the fullest. Now they have achieved yet another milestone by implementing Trioworld Loop packaging with 50% post-consumer recycled material. This is done both without compromising the quality and without increasing the thickness of the plastic.

Packaging is never more sustainable than its ability to do its primary purpose

If the timber is not protected or transport security is compromised, the offset of sustainable packaging will be equalized. The Loop solution is developed specifically for the forest and timber industry, securing the protection of the products from outdoor exposure and keeping people and cargo safe during handling and transport. To be more explicit we are very aware that the film that protects the wood must meet very high standards, which can sometimes be a challenge when recycled plastic is being added to the mix. Nevertheless, with our LOOP-50 solution, which contains 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, the quality can still keep up with the demands.

"Trioworld is very ambitious in terms of sustainable innovation – but more importantly, our products are developed for and together with the forest and sawmill industry. This is the only way we can achieve the highest level of safety and product protection while pushing the amount of post-consumer recycled(PCR) material into the packaging. We are always developing our products with the environment in mind, and our product development is experts in doing so without compromising on quality," says Daniel Majgren, Commercial Director, Forest Industry at Trioworld. 

Rune F. Andersen, Director – Group Finance & Sustainability at Moelven compliments Daniel: “We continue to focus on finding new more sustainable alternatives and using a type of packaging that contains 50% recycled plastic and still fulfills our quality requirements is a great step in the right direction.”

By using post-consumer recycled material, we not only reduce waste and carbon emissions. We add value to waste by creating an incentive to collect and reuse. The result of which is circularity – a responsible way to save resources and prevent valuable waste materials from ending up in nature. Let’s re-think plastic together. 

Contact Commercial Director - Forest Industry Daniel Majgren at Daniel.Majgren@Trioworld.com and learn more about our sustainable packaging solution developed specifically for the forest and timber industry.

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