First mover in Triogreen bio-allocated pellets packaging

Dorr-Biomassehof has the ambition to produce the market's best wood pellets with the highest level of sustainability. This means that they consider all aspects of their environmental footprint, from raw material to product packaging.

When partnering up with Trioworld for investigating a sustainable approach to the packaging of the pellets, all aspects of the packaging process, film specifications, and raw material were considered. In the assessment of Dorr Biomassehoff’s situation, Trioworld considered all aspects of the film's usage and quality needs, right from the print requirements to outside friction and puncture resistance. Selecting the right film has a significant impact on process stability, filling line speed, and user experience, in the end, when users refill their wood pellet stove.

With a high ambition within sustainability and durability, the Bio-allocated Triogreen was presented as a solution that corresponds to quality requirements and has a carbon-neutral footprint. Furthermore, Triogreen is designed for recyclability and is therefore 100% recyclable after use.
Today Dorr-Biomassshof is leading the way, with a holistic approach to sustainability in the pellets industry, by bringing down the carbon footprint of their packaging. In Trioworld we are proud to be re-thinking plastic together Dorr-Biomassehof.

“Trioworld has been a guiding partner for us in finding the optimal bags for our production line, that lives up to our high ambition within sustainability. They have been guiding us to find the right solutions based on our needs, to support our promise on quality and sustainability”
Armin Högenauer, Head of pellet production at Dorr-Biomassehof

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