Trioworld GmbH receives Climate Protection Certificate

The certificate shows how much CO2 was saved through the successful cooperation with the unique recovery concept for crop plastics ERDE.


For many years now, Trioworld has been strongly committed to the collection of films after usage so that they can be recycled and processed into new raw materials. In the field of crop plastics in Germany, we have been working for several years with the recovery initiative ERDE, which sets up collection points all over the country to which farmers can return their stretch and silage films after use.

The new certificate shows that this collection and recycling saved a calculated 73,983,000 kg of greenhouse gas! This corresponds to the greenhouse gas emissions that 5,332,101 trees in Europe bind every year.

We are proud of this success and are very pleased that the initiative is so well received by farmers resulting in increasing numbers of collection points and quantities of collected film every year.

Take a look at the certificate here: Climate Protection Certificate

Further information on the initiative can be found here: ERDE Recycling