A new manual stretch film is launched, made from 75% recycled material

Trioplast takes another step towards a circular economy with the launch of a manual stretch film made from 75% recycled material – of which minimum 51% from Post-consumer recycled (PCR) sources.

Using PCR in stretch film is revolutionary and means a big step forward in our environmental work.

Trioplast has a market-leading role in climate-smart packaging through its sustainability concepts Triolean™ (downgauging with sustained or increased performance), Triogreen™ (products based on renewable raw materials) and Trioloop™ (products made from recycled plastic). Using PCR material in a stretch film is a ground-breaking move that represents a major step forwards in transitioning transport packaging into a circular economy.

Trioplast has long experience of products based on recycled materials. This gives us a major advantage now that we are transferring this knowledge to more product areas with increasingly advanced applications. Last year, for example, we were the first company in the world to present a PCR-based agricultural stretch film.

At Trioplast and in a circular economy, used plastic is not a waste but rather a resource to be used over and over again.


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