Trioplast is more than just a supplier of world-class plastic products. Among our employees is newly crowned World Champion Karolina Larsson – in working life production manager in Smålandsstenar – who came home with a gold medal from the Snow Kite Masters/World Cup. The 29-year-old’s hobby and her great passion for the sport has made her number one in the kiting world.

How does it feel to be the best in the world?

“Incredibly satisfying! It’s a dream come true. The mere thought of being best in the world at something is awesome, no matter what it is. It’s an achievement that can never be taken away,” says Karolina.

How were the competition conditions?

“Tough! We competed in both Europe and North America in events known as Free Race that involves getting around tracks of different lengths where total times taken add up to points. The first competition was in the French Alps with lots of snow, poor visibility and poor winds, so it took a great deal of technique to make any headway using the kite. In Canada, the event location was one of the Magdalen Islands, which meant the wind was from seaward. It was incredibly strong and very cold. One day it was down to 30 minus. Unfortunately, there was not much snow, so the track consisted mainly of ice. This, combined with the strong wind, sometimes meant very hard crashes. On one of the days, we ran no fewer than eight races with only very short breaks in between. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.”

What are your best qualities; what makes you world champion?

“I take every opportunity I can to do as much kiting as possible, both kite surfing and snow kiting, where in simple terms the only difference is water or snow. Success demands an incredible amount of training, both in terms of strength and stamina, but above all with a single-minded sense of purpose. There’s no short cut; it takes structured training and a huge amount of willpower. Since last autumn, my efforts have had the invaluable support of TEAM F-one Sweden in Varberg. It takes strength of mind in addition to physical training. It’s an important aspect that can often be crucial, as it was for me in Canada in a truly tough, demanding competition. But the most important things have been my passion for the sport and being out on the water or in the snow.”

Did you celebrate?

“I celebrated by spending a great deal of time with friends, my boyfriend and family. They’re so happy for me. Trioplast congratulated me with a gold cake, which meant a lot to me,” says Karolina Larsson.