We make what we say in reality

The BEWi Synbra Group minimizes its environmental footprint.

Trond Bekken is Purchasing Manager at the BEWi Synbra Group, an international packaging and insulation company. Together with his colleagues he is now marking the way for a business with a clear focus on the environment and sustainability. There will be a strong chain all the way from purchasing and production to delivery to the customer and then back again into production in an eco-smart closed circle.

Sustainability and a clear environmental approach was one of the factors that brought the BEWi Synbra Group and Trioplast together. Trioplast works actively to increase the percentage of recycled plastic in its production and that appealed to the BEWi Synbra Group and Trond in his role as Purchasing Manager. For Trioplast, the focus on recycling has been a self-
evident part of the business for many years.

“Recycling has been shown to have the most favourable effect regarding the environment and sustainability. Of course we recycle our own plastic, but we also buy in plastic waste exactly like we buy in any kind of raw material,” says Marianne Nushi, CSR & Environmental Manager at Trioplast.

The knowledge about recycling that Trioplast possesses is a clear benefit for the BEWi Synbra Group, considers Trond.

“Trioplast has considerable knowledge about recycling. This knowledge can be very useful for the BEWi Synbra Group in order to live up to our environmental ambitions and sustainability targets. Quite simply, we need partners like Trioplast who have already come a long way in this process and have the advanced expertise that we lack today,” he says.