Every year, Trioplast takes in a small group of trainees to work in the laboratory. Thomas Magnussen and Mette Andersen both have experience from trainee positions in the company and describe their time in the laboratory as challenging and instructive.

Thomas Magnussen has worked as a Laboratory Technician at Trioplast in Denmark for three years. He began his career as a trainee. He describes his time as a trainee as flexible but intensive as it provided great opportunities to try out new things and make own decisions. The group of trainees taken in each year is small in order for each trainee to have as many assignments and as much personal responsibility as possible.

“Trainees are an important part of the group and get to do things and think for themselves a great deal. The laboratory would not have managed without its trainees, which is something you understand once you’re there,” he says.

A trainee position at Trioplast was the natural choice. It was the small work group and the very intensive work, which demanded e.g. a knowledge of analytics, that attracted him.

Mette began her training at Trioplast’s Laboratory in Denmark in this year, but has had time to learn a great deal.

“The assignments differ enormously from those in college,” says Mette. She continues: “The training period was very intensive and instructive, and the work is also intensive. You have to take over a lot of responsibility and you are soon a natural part of the group. I’ve developed a great deal during my time here.”

Work at the laboratory varies from day to day and includes everything from the certification tests for measuring the quality of products and plastic samples to different customers, to major collaborations with the company’s sales organisation. Work in the laboratory requires thoroughness, and there are specific rules for production, order-related work and materials handling. Special clothing is used in the laboratory and all test samples are handled very carefully.

“Everything has to be just so. At the same time, a lot of new things are going on; for example, we’re growing fast in the recycled plastics segment. We buy in thousands of tonnes of plastic waste to make new products, and these materials and their products require special tests,” says Thomas.

A traineeship at Trioplast differs from other traineeships.

“I would absolutely recommend Trioplast to future trainees, but they must be prepared to take a lot of personal responsibility and want to form a natural part of a large organisation,” says Mette.