Safe load securing lives

Too many people lose their lives or are injured due to goods on lorries not being secured in the right way. The statistics for 2014 show that 1,200 people in Europe died in accidents as a result of this issue. This is, to say the least, a depressing statistic and has triggered the EU into action. The outcome is a EU directive and an advisory organisation, EUMOS (Europe Move It Safe).

The aim of the directive is to reduce the number of accidents to virtually zero by 2050. Reaching that target requires the support of the entire transport sector, the packaging industry and retailers. All transportation is to be safe transportation, so that neither people nor goods come to harm. Trioplast is one of the members of EUMOS and has an active advisory role. Initiatives include cooperation with the German police in the checking and assessing of load securing of vehicles that have been stopped on the German highways. Germany is leading the way in terms of checking vehicle loads and it is hoped that more countries will now make efforts to increase safety on the roads. 

Niklas Agevall, Nordic Sales Manager at Trioplast, says that EUMOS has developed a test method that enables the certification of pallet stability. This consists of a loaded pallet being placed on a platform and then being subjected to set levels of acceleration or deceleration. The pallet is subsequently assessed to see if it meets the standard. It is important to understand that good pallet stability requires high-quality stretch film to enclose the pallet. 

“As a holder of a certificate, I can show it at a technical road check to demonstrate that I have done all I can to comply with the legislation”, says Niklas. At present, there is only one independent institute, ESTL, specializing in packaging tests and load securing that can offer certification in western Europe. In Spain, ITENE can also issue certificates. This means that many companies must send pallet loads long distances – something Trioplast wants to change. “At Trioplast we are looking at the possibility of setting up a certification center in Smålandsstenar. Its geographical proximity would make things easier for Nordic companies,” concludes Niklas.