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Procurement and Purchasing Manager

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Recycling Assistant Manager

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Strøjer Tegl

In our 40 years together, Trioplast has always delivered high quality on time, says Jørgen Strøjer Hansen.

Boyer Scea-Oceane

What matters to me most about the TrioSmart project is the environmental aspect. Recycling the plastic we use on the fields will reduce our environmental impact, says Louis Bouyer.



Triogreen is our brand for the products that we, together with our customers, have chosen to make from green polyethylene.

Stena Recycling

Plastic is an exceptional material, which in many cases boasts unrivalled qualities and a wide range of applications. Without plastic in our everyday lives carbon dioxide emissions would increase dramatically through a rise in food waste and heavier cars, among other things. However, we face a common challenge in the form of littering – when plastic sometimes ends up in the natural landscape outside our collection systems. For several years, Trioplast has been working continually to increase the incorporation of recycled plastic in our products. One of the collaborations we’re most proud of, and that will help us to become even better at recycling, is our relationship with Stena Recycling. We work with Stena to increase recycling of plastic and contribute to a more sustainable society.

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Trioplast France 50th anniversary

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Trioplast France 50 years


Divison Stretch Film


Transparent and flexible underlayer film which is placed directly on the crop, underneath the original wide sheet film to give extra protection.


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