We are hygiene


– Smarter, Sustainable, Satisfying - 

Trioworld provides much more than mono based fully recyclable PE films and laminates for secure, soft and discrete hygiene products. We offer a partner concept designed to get you and your hygiene products the personal attention they deserve. By creating smarter product solutions, a sustainable journey plan and satisfying the needs of your value chain and consumers, we can help you achieve radical market success. 


Smarter Medical Products

With in-depth value chain knowledge create high-performance hygiene products that comply with regulations today & tomorrow, deliver on efficient processing and product safety at all times.


Sustainable Journey Plan

Let’s help you to define your 2022 sustainability goals using our unique Triogreenaway™ executive sustainability workshops alongside switching to our greener alternatives – Triogreen™ for bio-based renewable content, Trioloop™ for recycled based content and Triolean™ for reduced material content without any loss in performance.

Satisfying Your Value Chain

By creating a transparent value chain with converters, brand producers, retailers and consumers, we can meet future hygiene, and personal care product demands quicker. Plus, we end up using fewer scarce resources – more sustainable. Vertical integration means the future comes sooner, and products exactly meet the needs of consumers.

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