"No two days are the same"

Mickaël Vandaele

Mickaël Vandaele is Production Manager at Trioplanex in Picardie in northern France. Picardie has been called one of the most charming areas in France. It has also been referred to as France’s best-kept secret, still off the radar for most tourists.

"I started as an apprentice at Trioplanex in 1998 and was then employed as a service technician,” says Mickaël, who since joining has worked on planning, processes, training, maintenance, safety and production. A lot has happened at the factory in the 20 years since his time as an apprentice. “You could say that I have participated in, and witnessed, an industry evolution with everything from new products to new production lines and an increased awareness in the areas of safety and environment.”

He says that no two days are alike and that is perhaps one of the many reasons why he enjoys the job so much. “If I was to try to describe a normal day, it starts with a production meeting followed shortly afterwards by a maintenance meeting. Then that particular day starts to take shape and there is no template for that.”