"It feels like I have found a workplace for life"

Malin Jansson

”I really enjoy my job, they will have to drag me away from the forklift when I’m not able to drive anymore”.

Fourteen years have already passed since Malin began as a trainee in the workshop at Trioworld and got the opportunity to go on to work in the warehouse, where there was a shortage of staff. Malin has undertaken internal training to become Warehouse and Logistics Manager and is an appreciated team leader for the daytime group in Fjugesta. She keeps a keen eye on all outgoing goods and handles the delivery notes and all unloading. With good internal communication, structure and a feeling of responsibility, her job satisfaction has influenced the whole team.

“We are a really good group that has worked together for a long time and support each other 100%. The best thing about my job is that it’s very independent with varying tasks and I am outside a lot. We load regardless the weather conditions and, as the factory is on a small hill, it can be very exciting when it’s icy in the winter,” Malin says with a laugh. Being close to animals and nature is important for Malin’s wellbeing. Together with her husband and two daughters, she has three horses, two cats and a dog at their home in the country.

“I love my rides in the forest, they are definitely the best way to recharge your batteries,” she concludes with a smile.