”Courage is daring to challenge yourself”

“I enjoy my job. As production leader, you are at the centre of things and have the opportunity to influence and participate in a lot. Above all, I like to lead and be part of a team that is working together towards a common goal.” For Karolina, it is important to always have clear goals whether it concerns kite-surfing or work. In her department, goals are set together in order to generate motivation and a driving force. “We are a team of 35 people, so it’s important that everyone feels involved and is pulling in the same direction. In my department, there are so many people with great expertise and using every staff member’s skills to the full is an important part of my job.”

The fact that Trioworld gives her freedom with responsibility means a lot for Karolina and the result is that she feels eager to go in to work. “Trioworld trusts me and when I am at work I always give 100% and leave nothing to chance. Trioworld gives me the opportunity to combine my job with the biggest passion in my life – kite-surfing. I know that extra hours at work one day mean that I can leave a little earlier another day because the wind conditions are perfect.”