Ian Abrahamsson

"It’s really fun when customers talk about how satisfied they are”

IAN ABRAHAMSSON has worked at Ekoplast in Varberg for about three years. He primarily works in the conversion division, but occasionally lends a hand in the extrusion division if reinforcements are needed there. “Our customers depend on us to do our best at work every day, and to always deliver high quality. It’s really fun when customers talk about how satisfied they are,” he says. 

“I really enjoy my job – it’s a safe workplace and we have a good group that works together. At Trioworld, it’s full speed ahead when it comes to initiatives in innovation and product development, for example. I like that.” 

In his free time, Ian enjoys being out in nature. He loves outdoor life in general, but especially fishing. “I love fishing, but I’m not very good at preparing the fish I catch. I usually give my catches to my parents, but now I’ve made up my mind. If I catch a perch on my next fishing trip, I’m going to cook it myself over an open fire,” he says.