Caroline Richard

“Here I get the opportunity to grow”

A good cooperation and close interaction is the foundation for the best solutions. This is what Caroline Richard believes, she is the Procurement and Purchasing Manager at Trioworld in France. As Purchasing Manager she knows the importance of close collaboration with both Production, Development, Planning and Finance to make the best decisions. An interaction that she particularly appreciates.

“We have a good internal cooperation within Trioworld. For me it means that I get a better understanding of the business which helps me to develop in my own profession. When there are different approaches and expertise we get more creativity gets and it gives me new perspectives. It is developing both for me and for Trioworld as a company, and in the end, it benefits our customers”, she says. 

Caroline has worked at Trioworld for 11 years and her role is to make ensure that the availability of materials and components necessary for production are always in place. She enjoys her work and the company and appreciates the possibilities for further development that you get as a coworker. 

”At Trioworld you get the opportunity to bloom through different types of educations. The fact that the company also trust me to work independently and make my own decisions helps me to develop both as a person and in my profession while I'm having fun at work", she concludes.