Bodil Ahlström

"Togetherness is vital for us at Trioworld"

BODIL AHLSTRÖM is Smålandsstenar born and bred. She works in the HR department and with salaries at Trioworld AB in Sweden, and make sure that people are happy in their work. “Togetherness is vital for us at Trioworld in order to maintain the positive spirit that we’ve fostered here”. 

Bodil has worked at Trioworld since 1984. “A lot of things have happened in those 33 years. There weren’t that many employees when I started. It’s bit like watching your children grow up where you follow their development year after year”. 

It is important for Bodil that production managers really communicate with their co-workers to let them know what’s happening at Trioworld. “It creates commitment and pride, which is vital for continued growth and success, but above all for satisfied employees”.