• We lead our industry's journey into circular plastics – for the good of our customers, the industry, and the planet.
  • We live up to our promises and are dedicated to getting things done.
  • We take pride in supplying full solutions – premium sustainable products with unrivalled service and support – to give our customers peace of mind.


  • In close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly innovating the industry's best packaging solutions based on circular plastics.
  • We aim to use our strong position as a leader to make the world safer and healthier by acting courageously and boldly.
  • We proactively develop innovative sustainable solutions, ahead of the needs of our customers and in anticipation of the market.
  • We actively communicate and want to be seen as the authority and leader in the development of circular and recycled plastics.
  • We motivate and inspire others to join us.


  • We drive our customers’ sustainable performance by working closely together with them. Our innovation is always customer-driven.
  • True circularity in plastics will only be achieved by working with all stakeholders in the value chain.
  • We build sustainable and long-term relationships – preferably lifelong.
  • We are an attractive employer that seeks to future proof our employees by maintaining and improving their skills.
  • We connect with the world around us.