Re-thinking Plastic


At Trioworld, we are convinced plastic can make the world safer and healthier for everybody. We strive for our solutions to make transport and food safer, agriculture smarter, packaging more efficient, and provide optimal protection in healthcare.

For more than 50 years, Trioworld has been a leader in plastic packaging solutions. We are made of 15 companies with 1,200+ employees and have an annual turnover of €550 million. We’re based in Smålandsstenar in Sweden and operate production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and France. Our products are sold around the world.


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At TrioWorld, we’re re-thinking plastic.

We hear the calls for a new era, and we’re rising to meet them.

We believe plastic can make the world safer and healthier for everybody. We are committed to making plastic part of a sustainable society and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the development of circular plastics, which perform a full loop from collection to conversion.

We’re a leader in the use of recycled plastics. They currently make up more than 20% of the total plastic we process every year (which comes out to about 250,000 tons). But we want to go further. We aim to increase the percentage of recycled plastic in our products to 30% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

We’ve always had an innovative spirit. We’ve been known for our superior products and unrivalled service since 1965. And now, we’re doing that with sustainable solutions — not so that we can simply adapt to the market, but drive it.

All for the benefit of our colleagues, our customers — and the generations to come.


Driven by our customers’ present and future needs, we constantly strive to be the first choice in sustainable polyethylene film solutions.



  • We focus on our selected core markets with our core products.
  • We are a natural part of our customers’ competitiveness.
  • We offer sustainable premium products and solutions with the highest possible service level.
  • We lead our industry’s journey into circular plastics.



  • We lead our industry's journey into circular plastics – for the good of our customers, the industry, and the planet.
  • We live up to our promises and are dedicated to getting things done.
  • We take pride in supplying full solutions – premium sustainable products with unrivalled service and support – to give our customers peace of mind.


  • In close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly innovating the industry's best packaging solutions based on circular plastics.
  • We aim to use our strong position as a leader to make the world safer and healthier by acting courageously and boldly.
  • We proactively develop innovative sustainable solutions, ahead of the needs of our customers and in anticipation of the market.
  • We actively communicate and want to be seen as the authority and leader in the development of circular and recycled plastics.
  • We motivate and inspire others to join us.


  • We drive our customers’ sustainable performance by working closely together with them. Our innovation is always customer-driven.
  • True circularity in plastics will only be achieved by working with all stakeholders in the value chain.
  • We build sustainable and long-term relationships – preferably lifelong.
  • We are an attractive employer that seeks to future proof our employees by maintaining and improving their skills.
  • We connect with the world around us.

Key figures

1 200





WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, LEADING TOGETHER. Trioworld holds a leading position in Europe in the field of polyethylene film across a wide range of industries and businesses. Since its inception in 1965, growth has been strong, and today Trioworld enjoys worldwide market reach. 

The current market position of Trioworld is thanks to long-term relationships and active dialogues with our customers and collaborators. We simply grow together, and the result is added value in terms of high product quality and excellent customer service together with new, innovative solutions that meet new market needs. 

Over the years, we have developed a solid and broad knowledge base in all our areas of applications – largely thanks to our proximity to the industries and markets we are active in. Our specialist knowledge enables us to create efficient and in some cases tailored product solutions for our customers. As a customer of ours, you can rest assure that we have the right skills and resources, enabling us to always deliver the best solution for your business. 

Our production facilities are spread across Europe, which means that production is often close to you. This contributes to excellent conditions for relationship building and knowledge exchange, that are very important for developing your business as our customer and our business as your supplier. Naturally, we always offer flexible shipping solutions to ensure deliveries are made to best suit your business needs. We take responsibility for our part in your business. WE ARE THERE. 

WE ARE REUSERS. At Trioworld, everything we do considers the environment. Each division, each production unit and every employee help to minimize our environmental impact. Together with our customers, we work on optimizing the use of materials, packaging solutions and transport means to keep our shared environmental impact to a minimum. We develop thinner and stronger films, and we increasingly use recycled materials in production. We optimize transport to and from us by maintaining a high load factor on the lorries. In other words, we do not compromise on quality, performance or the environment. 

We love recycling. This is why we recycle all the materials in our production that are not delivered to our customers. But we not only recycle our own materials, we also purchase and recycle those of others. This is our way of showing extra consideration for the environment. 

WE ARE PROUD. We support research on breast cancer, prostate cancer and the cancers of children. We do this all over the world as evidenced by all the colourful bales which adorns the fields, refuse sacks and carrier bags. Together with our customers, distributors and farmers around the world, we are proud to contribute to vital cancer research.

20 000

211 000 000


In February 2021 Trioworld changed its name to Trioworld

2019 Acquisition of Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging; AFP, in Netherlands

2018 Altor Fund IV to acquire Trioplast Industrier AB

2017 New division structure in the Group for increased customer focus and clearer product offering

2016 Divestment of Ekmans Jönköping AB, as part of focus on our core business

2015 Divestment of shares in the joint venture company, Triomada, as part of focus on our core business

2007 Acquisition of Ekoplast Emballage AB, Mo Industri AB and Extruding Pac i Glimåkra AB

1999 Acquisition of Trioplast France

1997 Acquisition of Trioplast Sifab AB and Trioplast Nyborg A/S

1995 Acquisition of Trioplanex France SAS

1994 Acquisition of Bengt Lundin AB

1993 Acquisition of factory in Smålandsstenar (integrated into Trioplast AB)

1985 Acquisition of Ekmans Jönköping AB

1984 Trioplast Industrier AB is founded (the Group’s new parent company)

1980 Trioplanex International AB is founded as a base for hygiene film operations

1978 Acquisition of Trioplast Landskrona AB

1965 Trioplast AB is founded by Vilhelm Larsson


Re-thinking Plastic


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