In 2021 Trioplast becomes Trioworld. We have adapted a bold plan to increase the pace of innovation with focus on circularity in plastics.

At Trioworld, we’re leading experts in polyethylene solutions for packaging and protection. And we want to help you redefine how you use plastic so it’s smarter for your business and the planet.


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The first Stretch Hood film to be made from up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene. This product marks a milestone for our Loop brand, as it reduces the carbon footprint by at least 19% by drastically increasing the usage of recycled material without compromising on product performance.

  • Made from 50% PCR polyethylene
  • Reduces carbon footprint by at least 19%
  • 100% recyclable

Shrink your carbon footprint with Loop shrink film

Loop shrink film contains 67% recycled material, reducing the carbon footprint by as much as 38%.  With its high strength both lengthwise and crosswise, it creates high stability for both transport and storage, and ensures that products receive maximum protection against weather and wind during transport. The film can be used on both automatic and manual packaging lines, making it suitable for many different types of industries. A perfect and easy way to reduce the company's climate footprint

  • Reduces carbon footprint by as much as 38%
  • Made from 67% recycled material
  • Work for both automatic and manual packaging lines

Biobased Katan-Ex Stretch Film protects pallet loads & the planet

A high-performance stretch film made from mostly renewable raw material. Katan-Ex BB provides optimal safety and protection of pallet loads while contributing to your sustainability goals. Katan-Ex Biobased is extremely suitable for a wide range of pallet loads. The load remains stable, even with few windings. Your product will arrive at its destination in good condition at no extra cost due to damage or re-work.

  • Micro-layered strength
  • Produced with more than 60% renewable raw materials
  • 90% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional stretch film

Customers care about Loop’s climate-smart carrier bags

These fully recyclable carrier bags, designed primarily for food retailers (though they can be used by others), have the same functionality and durability as virgin materials-based bags but with the greener lifestyle support that consumers love.

  • Made from recycled PE for a smaller carbon footprint compared to virgin materials
  • PCR level up to 80%
  • Single material, 100% recyclable
  • 90% reduced environmental impact (compared to virgin material, cradle to gate)

Loop machine stretch film lengthens the life of used plastic

This blown machine stretch film under the Loop brand (in which all products are made from recycled plastic) shows that plastic is not a waste material but rather a resource that can be used over and over again. This stretch film contains more than 60% Recycled content, with a minimum 51% PCR - Post Consumer Recycled content.

  • Made with more than 60% recycled content
  • Exceeded Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) minimum of 51% 
  • High-performance 

Printed tissue packaging film that highly promotes low impact

Made of 33-60% of Recycled PE and printed up to 8 colours. Our Tissue packaging film is an environmentally friendly and a cost-effective way to promote your brand.

In the tissue industry, polyethylene film protects the hygiene products and enables you to strengthen your communication. Films including PCR are available from 25μm and up, tailor made, on your request, delivering same output in your machines as today.

  • Decreases environmental impact aligned to strategies and customers’ requirements
  • Offering a green portfolio of products and solutions for your competing edge
  • Low or no impact on the product properties to enable a secure, high processability in your production
  • Wide print selection up to 8 different colours
  • 33-60% of Recycled PE
  • 100% recyclable, both now and in the future

TrioKlapp protective aprons safeguard wearers & the planet

This new product range of PPE aprons and gowns is designed in cooperation with leading Scandinavian Hospitals, meeting CE cat1 as well as cat3 certifications, and can be made from both recycled plastic and certified green polyethylene.

TrioKlapp is a protective apron that is adapted to protect medical and home care personnel when sampling and treating patients. The apron is made of waterproof and liquid repellent plastic - soft and comfortable to wear. The apron is extra-long to protect the calves and is made in a universal size to suit everyone.

  • 4 different models of aprons and gowns
  • Can be made from more than 50% recycled material from day 1
  • Waterproof and liquid-repellent 


Our new Loop FFS film has the same properties as conventional packaging film – with significantly less environmental impact.

We have been able to create a 100% recyclable form-fill-seal film, containing 80% recycled material. The film is suitable for most applications such as peat moss, wood pellets, sand, granules, powder and animal feed. Our Loop FFS film provides a sustainable packaging solution for maximum efficiency, high load-stability and brand value.

  • Suitable for most packaging applications
  • Made from up to 80% recycled material
  • Reducing carbon footprint by at least 20%
  • No compromise on process stability and functionality

Trioblack: A Blue Angel certified silage film

Simply ecological, highly resistant and adapted to the forage conservation needs, this silage film is the right choice when it comes to sustainability.

Made of 96% recycled materials, it is the first silage film to obtain the Blue Angel eco-certification. Coming from Germany, the Blue Angel is the oldest eco-certification in the world. It is characterized by its high requirements which imply a minimum of 80% recycled material from post-consumer waste (PCR).

  • High puncture resistance
  • 100% recyclable
  • UV resistance: 12 months