Trioworld Sustainability Services

Sustainable services including tailor made Life Cycle Analysis

We have leading expertise in making the use of plastics circular, a capability that the world is in great need of right now. Therefore, we do not stop by offering our sustainable product portfolio. Pushing forward to minimise our carbon footprint also at our customers in an important part of our strategy.

We want all our customers to join in, into the circular chain.

Trioworld Sustainable services

1. Customers sustainable journey – Together with you as a customer and partner we evaluate the present plastic film use in your operations. We set up realistic and ambitious targets on the sustainable journey for your plastics that you want to do. Then our sustainable offering Loop, Lean and Bio is matched with the targets of the sustainable journey and a transformation strategy and plan is formulated. The Trioworld expertise on product development, production, innovation, LCA analyses as well as regulatory and existing standards that need to be complied with is at your hand.

2. Specific sustainable product support and idea generation – When you want to improve the environmental foot print of one or more of your plastic film products, we are there to help. Together we analyse the product and application and come up with realistic redesign of the product to achieve improved environmental foot print

3. Trioworld life cycle analysis , supported by SimaPro is a method used to assess the overall environmental impact of a product’s lifecycle.