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Trioworld against cancer

In cooperation with farmers and partners worldwide, Trioworld contributes funding every year to cancer research. An idea that was hatched by a farmer in New Zealand became a reality through close cooperation between Trioworld and our New Zealand partners. It proved to be an initiative that continues to generate funds year after year for research in the fight against cancer. 

The initiative to highlight and support cancer research through silage bales in coloured film really took off in 2014 and focused from the start on breast cancer, as the pink bales drew in funds for breast cancer research. Many farmers in New Zealand are women, which was one reason why it was decided to focus on research on that specific disease. 

Developing charity work
There was growing momentum to further develop the idea of brightly coloured plastic to reach new application areas and new target groups. Refuse bags in the same colour, for the same cause, soon joined the pink bales. A yellow carrier bag was introduced the same year.

Yellow became the symbol for the fight against childhood cancer. Up to now, Trioworld has supplied 775,000 yellow carrier bags to the retail and supermarket sector.

Yellow and blue
The charity work involving the pink bales proved to be a success, and was followed the year after by a blue equivalent. Now the aim was to collect funds for research against prostate cancer. The addition of yellow silage stretch film, introduced for the 2017/2018 season, raised further funds for childhood cancer research. 

Over the years, the initiative has spread across the world and the charity work has contributed much-needed funds to cancer research. It is gratifying that interest continues to increase every year, which means new annual records for collected funds.

The initiative has also attracted considerable attention in the media, which has helped to spread knowledge on the significance of the brightly coloured bales. This means that the visual signalling value of the bale colours is now very strong and today the colours symbolise the constant fight against cancer. 

Our most important refuse bag

Extra strong and extra important refuse bags available in pink edition for breast cancer research. Together with our customers in Sweden and Finland, we contribute to this very important research.

Our most important carrier bag

It was the joint efforts of 25 ICA grocery stores in Värmland, Sweden and their customers, in collaboration with Trioworld, that made this contribution to the foundation possible.

Our most important timber wrap

The latest addition to our charity assortment is pink timber wrap film in collaboration with Derome.