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Flexoplast is now part of Trioworld

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A unique mix of high performance and sustainability: Trioloop blown coex with 30% PCR.

No compromise on quality
A lot of companies have sustainability high on the agenda, asking us for sustainable packing solutio

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More secure recycling of plastic in healthcare

“There’s a great potential in recycling more of the plastic used in the healthcare sector, or in using plastic in so-called closed loops, which mea

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Trioworld to acquire Eurofilms

“We are very pleased to welcome Eurofilms into the Trioworld group. Eurofilms has shown very strong development over the past years contributing to

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Reduced downtime with a high-quality Stretch hood

In Trioworld we always seek input from our customers and listen to how we can do better. We recently visited Rockwool to learn more about how we cr

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Trioworld decides to go for RecyClass certification scheme to prove PCR content in its products

"We want to be able to prove to our customers that what we claim is true" says Oskar Karlsson, Chief Procurement Officer and VP Sustainability at T

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Raised sustainability targets for Trioworld


"As a manufacturer of plastic products, Trioworld aims to take a leading role in the work towards increased circularity of plastics in ou

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Trioworld Sustainability Services

Sustainable services including tailor made Life Cycle Analysis