Sharpening knowledge in challenging education

"When I was Area Sales Manager and a customer called me a supplier, I was always a little disappointed. Fortunately, it did not happen very often,” says René Münchhausen, who today is Sales Manager of Trioplast GmbH, responsible for selling stretch films in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and parts of Belgium. “At Trioplast, we are much more than a supplier, we are a partner. We are the experts in stretch film and due to our knowledge of the customer’s business we can always offer the best solutions,” he says.

As an expert, it is important to sharpen one’s knowledge. By continuous education about new materials and new production processes, and also being challenged to find new solutions that cover the potential needs of every customer, it is possible to stay up to date. Training is therefore offered to sales team members at Trioplast GmbH, to bring in new theoretical and practical knowledge about the materials on which they are experts.

The courses, Trio Basic Training and Trio Expert Training, consist of both theoretical and practical parts. “I think it’s hard to maintain concentration if you have to sit and listen for a whole day. By also incorporating a practical element, you create possibilities for innovative thinking, which creates energy and provides a better platform for learning,” says René. The theoretical parts include production processes, material properties, the product range, and laws and regulations, but also focuses on Trioplast’s identity and the philosophy of partnership within the company. The practical part of the training is called Trio Challenge. You work in groups on a real or made up customer case and then outline, argue for and present the best solution, based on your overall knowledge of materials, production processes and customer needs. The challenge creates new innovative solutions. “Through the training we want to focus on why we have developed stretch film – to protect goods and values, and ensure secure transport in the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way,” says René.


TRIOPLAST GMBH was founded in 1985. Today there are nine employees who provide sales and customer support for the agriculture and industry/packaging sectors.