10% more climate smart carrier bags and a better work environment

At Trioplast, we love recycling and improvements. Therefore, we are increasing our capacity at Bengt Lundin AB to meet demand for climate smart carrier bags. In parallel, we gain an improved work environment due to the 15-metre-high ceiling and a gigantic ventilation system that handles up to 28 m3/s.

Bengt Lundin AB, which is a part of the Trioplast Group, is the leading supplier of carrier bags to the Nordic food retailers. Over 60% of the total production in Arvika is made of recycled material and that figure is set to rise. An investment is now being made to increase production of our climate smart carrier bag, which is made of 80% recycled material. However, the market is impatient. Production at Trioplast Nyborg in Denmark was stepped up, so customers did not have to wait. LUNDIN’S new extra 10% production capacity for climate smart carrier bags will come on stream in late June.